Surplus at the Wishing Star Foundation Banquet 



A former Peace Officer, graduated from Idaho Police Officers Standards and Training  Academy in 1996, Surplus worked as a Sheriffs Deputy for Shoshone County Sheriffs Office and a short time with the Kellogg Police Department. Over the years Surplus worked as a Senior Fraud Analyst for one of the top largest Banks in the World. In 2018 Surplus created the Television show "Reel Sportsman" which aired nationally and in Canada. The 2020 season is set to air again locally along with Canada and 7 other countries in Europe.  The growing popular show is platformed around unique individuals that have been struck with some sort of tragedy or life changing event. Most candidates airing on the show have a disability that they suffer from. 

Surplus is  PRO 2nd Amendment, PRO Life and believes every individual has the right to their own choice when it comes to medical care. 

Surplus is a born and raised Idahoan who grew up hunting and fishing in North Idaho. He has 3 children who have been raised on those same values that Idahoans are known for.

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Surplus is the 1st Director for Lund Boats AYA Tournament in Idaho

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